Mission District

The goal of this project was to brand a location. We chose to observe and rebrand the Mission District in San Francisco.

The goal of this project was to rebrand a location, specifically the Mission District in San Francisco, but to avoid making it look too corporate. We began our process by walking through the Mission and doing research by taking pictures, looking at typography, drawing color studies, and talking to the people who live there.

I defined the Mission as a place where the old culture has become intermingled with the new culture. I drew my logo from scratch to attempt to bring the two ideas together and I am quite pleased with how the final result came out.

Date: 4.4.2012

Tools: pencil, paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Client: Class Project - ADV. IDENTITY

Deliverables: logo, shirt, mural, object, website, stationery, banner